Richard L. Mabry, M.D., believes practicing medicine
is similar to piloting a plane—both have hours
of routine and unexpected moments of stark terror.

After doctoring for 36 years, he should know.
During his career, he’s done an air rescue from a helicopter,
delivered a baby in a hallway and saved a
young girl’s life while stationed in Azores as a member
of the Air Force.

These days, he’s traded in his stethoscope for a keyboard
and is set to release a fascinating tale of medical
intrigue called Stress Test (Thomas Nelson). “In
the story, medicine actually offers my character, Dr.
Newman a respite from the stress he experiences
when he becomes a suspected murderer and the target
of people who want to kill him,” Mabry says, but
is quick to point out that his brand of suspense is
what he likes to call the “sleep with the light off” variety.
“It’s enough to keep you turning pages, but not
enough to cause nightmares. There’s also enough
romance in my books for women to enjoy, but not
so much that men close the book in disgust; and I
always try to reflect the heart God
has for His children.”

Even after four previously successful
medical suspense novels,
Mabry finds writing about doctors
to be challenging at times. “It’s
easy to write about the emotions
and some of the day-to-day situations
involved in the practice of medicine, because I’ve been there
and done that,” he says. “At the
same time, it’s difficult, because
I’m well aware that people may
judge doctors and others in the
medical profession by my portrayal,
yet I have to paint them as
we all are—flawed beings.”

Now retired from medicine,
Mabry considers writing his new
profession, but he still answers to
“Doc.” “Outside the office I’m a
husband, father, grandfather and
frustrated golfer,” he says. “In the
office, I’m a writer.”

This article originally appeared in the February/March 2013 issue of FamilyFiction Edge digital magazine. Subscribe for free today!


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About The Author

Richard L. Mabry, M.D. is a retired physician and medical school professor who achieved worldwide recognition as a writer, speaker, and teacher before turning his talents to non-medical writing after his retirement. He's the author of the Prescription for Trouble series, one non-fiction book, and his inspirational pieces have appeared in numerous periodicals. He and wife Kay live in North Texas.