Winding up her Southern Discomfort trilogy with Restless in Carolina (Multnomah), Tamara Leigh focuses on the dreadlocked Bridget Pickwick-Buchanan of the North Carolina Pickwicks.

Says Tamara, “She’s an environmentalist, an animal lover, and a young widow. Or, to better fit the tone of the story, she’s a tree-huggin’ animal-lovin’ ever-grievin’ widow.”

Unbeknownst to Bridget, romance glimmers on the horizon with green property developer J.C. Dirk, the man she hopes will save her family’s estate from a tacky theme park development.

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About The Author

Tamara Leigh is a USA Today Bestselling author who started out writing for the general market in 1993, garnering awards and placement on national bestseller lists. In 2006, she began writing Christian fiction. Tamara lives near Nashville with her family.