The Book Of Revelation? Now It’s An App. The Illustrated eBook Goes Biblical.

everyipublishing announces the release of its first graphic eBook, “The Book of Revelation” (Parts 1, 2 & 3), with Part 1 available in the App Store, today.

Los Angeles, CA – The Book of Revelation includes the complete text of the ancient biblical manuscript with stunning, illuminating imagery accompanying every verse. The eBook features over 600 illustrations from digital artist Chris Koelle (Greenville, SC) and a recent English translation by Father Mark Arey (New York, NY).

Through the combined creative efforts of digital media exec Suzanne Dunn, actor/producer Chris Diamantopoulos and writer/producer Matt Dorff, The Book of Revelation follows the Apostle John on his fantastic journey from his island prison to Heaven and beyond. The book visually dramatizes his encounters with the Four Horsemen and the Red Dragon and even God Himself in this strange and epic finale of the New Testament.

everyipublishing is the digital publishing company founded by Matt Dorff in 2010. eip publishes graphic eBooks and is committed to telling great stories through impactful integrations of art and text. eip’s “digital first” mandate is to create story content specifically for tablets and smartphones. eip works with cutting edge digital artists and designers to bring mobile users a distinctive narrative experience they cannot get from other mediums.

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