Author Tia McCollors’ life
didn’t quite measure up to
her original plan to be
married with three children
by 28. “I got married when I
was 30,” she says, “had my
first child at 32, and my
second child two years later.
Was that my plan? No.
But did it turn out to work
perfectly for my life? Yes!”
Tia hopes to reflect that in
Steppin’ Into the Good Life
(Lift Every Voice). Her
character, Sheila Rushmore,
has been chasing “the good
life” since high school—but
it’s left her with no home, no
man and no money. Looking
for closure by attending her
former boyfriend’s wedding,
Sheila encounters God in an
inexplicable way.
“Sheila soon finds out that
steppin’ into the good life is
much more than wearing
designer stilettos,” says Tia.
“Sometimes it takes steppin’
out on faith!”
—Rel Mollet

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About The Author

Tia McCollors, an exciting new voice in Christian fiction, spent ten years building a career as a public relations professional. Since leaving the corporate world, she devotes her time to her passions of being a full-time author and mother. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband and son.