From romance stories to dark thrillers, Travis Thrasher’s books cover a wide range of genres in Christian fiction.

His latest series, The Solitary Tales, merges both ends of the spectrum while also entering a new area: young adult fiction. “I’ve wanted to write a teen series for some time now,” Travis says. “The Solitary Tales was an attempt to combine the two primary genres I’ve written in—a love story with a supernatural thriller.”

The series focuses on 16-year-old Chris Buckley, who moves with his mother to Solitary, North Carolina. He immediately falls for mysterious Jocelyn Evans, but the small town holds a dark secret that will change their lives forever.

“I’ve never had such an overwhelming response to any of my books,” Travis shares. “Perhaps it’s because it’s a series with unanswered questions. Maybe it’s because of the younger readership. But many of my readers have loved it and can’t wait until the next book.”

The third book in the series is Temptation (David C. Cook), with the fourth and final title, Hurt, coming out early 2013. Travis is also participating with six other authors in 7 Hours (Tyndale House), and writing a novelization of the upcoming movie Home Run.

Travis says he fills his novels with broken characters on journeys toward hope and redemption. “I take the questions and frustrations and joys from my life and somehow fit them into the story I’m working on.”

Currently, he balances being a full-time author and a father to his three young daughters. “Amid this very busy time, I’m trying to figure out how to be a good husband and father.”

Despite releasing more than 20 books and novellas—including Something I Can Never Have, a companion story to The Solitary Tales—Travis realizes his journey as an author is far from over. “I’m still learning and growing. Hopefully I always will be.”

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About The Author

The author of a dozen works of fiction, including Isolation and Ghostwriter, Travis Thrasher has been writing since he was in the third grade. His writing is known for its honesty, depth, and surprising twists. Thrasher lives with his wife and daughter near Chicago.