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Monday, July 25, 2016

christian fiction

Missing by Lisa Harris
Courageous by Dina Sleiman
No Way Up by Mary Connealy
The Jerusalem Secret by Ron Cantor
Deception by Elizabeth Goddard
The Divided Family by Wanda Brunstetter

christian fiction titles

Christian Amish Fiction Books
Wanda E. Brunstetter
When will Joel learn he most pay for his own mistakes--and at what cost to his business, his fiancee, and his Amish siblings?
Christian Historical Fiction Books
Bill Higgs
Virgil T. Osgood. is content to raise his family and run the only service station in Eden Hill, Kentucky. But a new station is set to open right across the road from Virgil’s pumps...
Christian Suspense Fiction Books
Lynette Eason
Lee and Ellen find themselves dead center in the crosshairs of a killer.
Christian Speculative Fiction Books
Cassandra Boyson
“The time draws near when it will be determined whether for the next thousand years the Greater Archipelagos will be cursed or favored.”
Christian Romance Fiction Books
by Johnnie Alexander, Michelle Griep, Eileen Key, Debby Lee, Rose Allen McCauley
Compassionate heroism attracts male suitors to nine spirited women.
Christian Contemporary Fiction Books
Chris Fabry
He's sure there's more to the story of that fateful night, and Matt is determined to learn the truth behind the only promise Jesse Woods ever broke.
Christian YA/Teen Fiction Books
Dina Sleiman
Sir Randel dreams of protecting the innocent as a knight. Joining a crusade to escape humiliation at home, he finds himself drawn to Rosalind of Ipsworth as they partner to train and protect a group of young adolescents...
Christian Children's Fiction Books
by John F. MacArthur and Dominique Mertens
Helps children see God's plan for their lives. Includes a salvation prayer and page for child and parent to sign and date regarding their decision.

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