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Friday, December 09, 2016
Ginger Garrett

Ginger Garrett

An expert in ancient women's history, Ginger Garrett creates novels and nonfiction resources that explore the lives of historical women. A frequent media guest and television host, in 2007 Ginger was nominated for Georgia Author of the Year Award for her novel Dark Hour. Ginger resides in Georgia with her husband and three children.
Ginger Garrett: Bad Choices

Ginger Garrett: Bad Choices

(June 2013)
Rel Mollet
Notorious in biblical history as a wicked queen, Jezebel was both inspired and ultimately doomed by her religion—but few understand this woman’s destructive journey.

Ginger Garrett’s Reign: The Chronicles of Queen Jezebel (David C Cook) covers Jezebel’s life as a young Phoenician princess, her betrothal to Prince Ahab of Israel, and their reign together. “Modern feminists love Jezebel for her strength, courage and political vision. She fought for power in a male-dominated world,” shares Ginger.

“Her story could have been so different. She was born into a corrupt religion and surrounded by darkness all her young life. When she married, her prince was not a Jew, but the son of a famous mercenary. Neither was prepared to lead a people dedicated to the Lord.”

Ginger found herself wishing that Jezebel had made different choices during her life. “Wealth, beauty and power profited her nothing. She made all the wrong decisions—but at every downward turning point, redemption was still possible.”

In contrast, Obadiah is the unsung hero of the biblical tale. “As the palace administrator, he oversaw all the activities of Jezebel’s palace,” Ginger explains. “He alone knew how her story would end, and he alone fought to save the prophets. He must have been a terribly lonely man, but one of great courage.”

Ginger hopes readers will come away with a new respect for Jezebel’s story. “When we consider the importance of her reign and her influence on Ahab, we begin to realize that she was a complex, flesh and blood woman. We can’t dismiss her story so easily. She makes us question what we really believe about power and revenge—and why some of us refuse redemption over and over.”


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