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Monday, December 05, 2016
Joyce Magnin

Joyce Magnin

Joyce Magnin's novel The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow was chosen as one of the "Top 5 Best Christian Fiction Books of 2009" by Library Journal. She's written several short stories and articles and been published in such magazines as Relief Journal, Parents Express, Sunday Digest and Highlights for Children. She has three children and a neurotic parakeet. She lives in Havertown, Pennsylvania.
Joyce Magnin Inspires Young Readers with Tasty New Book

Joyce Magnin Inspires Young Readers with Tasty New Book

(October 2, 2012)
Twelve-year-old Wilma Sue discovers the ultimate comfort food in Joyce Magnin's CAKE (Zonderkidz), a sweet tale complete with icing, surprises, love, and just the right amount of nuts.

Mary Poppins meets Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle in this new story by the celebrated author of Carrying Mason. Wilma Sue seems destined to hop from one foster home to the next-until she is sent to live with sisters and retired missionaries, Ruth and Naomi. But do they really care about Wilma Sue, or are they just looking for a Cinderella-style farmhand to help raise their chickens and bake cakes?

As Wilma Sue adjusts to her new surroundings and to helping Naomi deliver "special" cakes to the neighbors, she discovers something strange that happens to people who eat the cakes. Did Mrs. Snipplesmith's chair really rise off the floor? Was that a gold fish in the lemonade?

Wilma Sue starts looking for answers and secret ingredients in these mysterious cakes. While doing so, she makes a new friend, Penny, and discovers what it feels like to be truly loved.

But when Penny and her mother hit a rough patch, Wilma Sue decides to try her own hand at baking a special cake-with disastrous results. Then tragedy strikes the chickens, and all fingers point to Wilma Sue - just when she was starting to believe she had finally found a permanent home with Ruth and Naomi.

Magnin takes Wilma Sue and readers on a journey to find faith in themselves and those around them. Fans will learn, along with Wilma Sue, that it's not yummy desserts and magic that cures, but two very special ingredients: love and hope.

Joyce Magnin is the author of five novels; including the popular Bright's Pond series and the 2011 middle grade novel Carrying Mason. She is also a frequent speaker and writing instructor. Magnin lives with her son in Havertown, Pennsylvania.



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