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Tuesday, December 06, 2016
Katie Ganshert

Katie Ganshert

Katie Ganshert is a Midwest author who loves Jesus, her family, writing, and all things romance. She's thankful for a husband who suffers through romantic movies. She is often spotted around town walking her dog, pushing a stroller, and reading -- all at the same time. She holds a degree in education, which she used for four years before deciding to work from home as a mother and writer.
Katie Ganshert: Getting Personal

Katie Ganshert: Getting Personal

(April 2013)
Rel Mollet
For her second contemporary romance novel, Katie Ganshert explored some tough personal questions.

Wishing on Willows (Waterbrook Press) is the story of Robin Price, a widow raising her young son and running a cafe, a dream she and her husband once shared. When Ian McKay, a charming developer, comes to town with his sights set on her property, Robin’s life flips upside down. “God got her through the worst of the grief; and although life isn’t easy, there’s a predictability to her days that brings a sense of comfort,” shares Katie. “She doesn’t want to let go of the familiar. She doesn’t want to open up her heart again, because she’s learned firsthand that love can hurt and so much could go wrong. She doesn’t want to upset the life she’s created for her son, Caleb.”

In Caleb, Katie had fun bringing her own son to life on the page. “Apart from their physical appearance, Caleb is pretty much the epitome of my son, Brogan. Someday, if he ever wants to know what he was like when he was 4, I will hand him this book and tell him to read.”

As with all great romance novels, Wishing on Willows has a swoon-worthy hero, but Ian McKay is not just some perfectly handsome stereotype. “Ian is just a guy who’s really trying to do the right thing,” says Katie. “He wants to make his dad proud. He wants to make up for the mistakes of his past and ultimately is searching for redemption. He’s also funny and charming, an amazing cook, incredibly good-looking and treats his mama right—not too shabby a package if you ask me!”

Yet the heart of Wishing on Willows is its spiritual message, shares Katie: “The challenge is of stepping past our fear into the unknown and refusing to let the good in our lives keep us from experiencing God’s best for our lives.”


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