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Sunday, December 04, 2016
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Loree Lough

Loree Lough

With more than 4 million copies of her books in circulation, Loree Lough now has nearly 100 award-winning books on the shelves. She has also written 63 short stories and continues to develop and teach writing-related courses, seminars and workshops. Loree dedicates a portion of her annual income to further many worthy causes (see Giving Back on her website for the causes she supports). She lives in Maryland with her real-life hero, Larry.
Loree Lough: Warm Memories

Loree Lough: Warm Memories

(February 6, 2013)
Christa A. Banister
In the winter’s coldest months, a quilt is a must-have for personal comfort unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere warm. That familiar staple of winter takes on even greater meaning in Loree Lough’s new novel, For Love of Eli (Abingdon Press).

The story of the aftermath of unspeakable tragedy, a young boy named Eli is left without any parents. Committed to helping him remember the people who gave him life, Eli’s legal guardian, his aunt, creates a family quilt to tell their story.

“When someone takes the time to sew the events of a loved one’s life into a quilt, it serves as a reminder—and offers warmth,” Loree says. “When the memories include those who dwell in Paradise and those who are close enough to touch, it’s truly as comforting as a hug.”

Hoping that readers will be inspired by a story where God’s encompassing love is front and center, Loree says she hopes For Love of Eli can “inspire healing and forgiveness, even in the most stubborn and lonely hearts.”



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