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Sunday, December 04, 2016
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Michèle Phoenix

Michèle Phoenix

Born in France to an American mother and a Canadian father, Michèle Phoenix is an international writer with multicultural sensitivities. She currently works for Global Outreach Mission as an advocate for “third culture kids,” and educates stateside churches and missions organizations about the special needs of this people group.

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Born in France to an American mother and a Canadian father, author Michele Phoenix brings a decidedly international flavor to the proceedings with her fascinating debut, Tangled Ashes.
"My hope is that Shelby will be a reflection of all women whose various struggles represent a much greater malaise: dissatisfaction with ourselves, with the expectations of others and the often maiming vagaries of life.”
Michèle Phoenix presents an intriguing story set in the times and places of Nazi occupation and WWII in her debut novel, Tangled Ashes.

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