Thirteen-year-old Dirk has been the man of the house since his papa disappeared while fighting against the Nazis with the Dutch Resistance. When the Gestapo arrests Dirk’s older sister, who is also a Resistance fighter, Dirk fears that he and his little sister, Anna, might be next.

With only pockets full of food and his sister asleep in his arms, Dirk runs away to find his father. As Dirk leads Anna across the war-torn Netherlands, from farmyards to work camps, he must rely on his wits and his father’s teaching to find his way.

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About The Author

Raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Rob Currie majored in psychology at Cornerstone University before earning his Master's and Doctorate degrees in Psychology at St. Louis University. He's taught Psychology at Judson University since 1987. He met and married his wife in St. Louis. His favorite books are about World War II; his father cultivating this interest by frequently sharing stories of bravery and ingenuity which contributed to the Allied victory. Rob's father is a World War II veteran, his wife is Dutch, and his son wrote a short story about World War II in the Netherlands. A novel about the Dutch during WWII seemed inevitable! 

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