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Monday, December 05, 2016
Ruth Reid

Ruth Reid

Ruth Reid's fascination with the Amish began twenty years ago when she skipped college classes to watch a barn-raising. Today, she’s still captivated by the simple ways of the Amish lifestyle, and in her debut novel, The Promise of an Angel, she begins the story with what started her curiosity with the Amish -- a barn-raising. When Ruth is not writing, she is working as a hospital Pharmacist. She lives in Florida with her husband and three children.
Ruth Reid: The Storms of Life

Ruth Reid: The Storms of Life

(January 2013)
Christa A. Banister
For a young woman whose fiancé died tragically before they made it down the aisle, seeing the proverbial light at end of the tunnel is anything but easy.

Ruth Reid’s latest novel, An Angel by Her Side (Thomas Nelson), was inspired by a photograph she took more than 20 years ago. While living in a small Amish community, she had snapped an image of an Amish buggy during an approaching storm.

“The sky was green, the wind cold, and I was rushing to get home thinking any minute a tree would snap or an electric pole would fall,” Ruth remembers. “Traveling behind an Amish buggy, I couldn’t help but wonder if they were frightened. After all, they had no buffer from the storm. Then sitting at a stop sign a loud crack of lightning lit the sky. Subsequently, I realized if a tree or pole dropped it would crush my car. The Amish and I were both in God’s hands.”

Ruth says her love of all things Amish lies in the simplicity of their lives. “The first time I watched a barn raising I was amazed at their craftsmanship without the use of power tools. I think people connect to the Amish through a yearning to retreat from the chaos. In so many ways, technology has advanced and strangled our way of life, while the Amish way has remained intact and strong throughout history. Their simple lifestyle and firm devotion to maintain separation from the world is something to admire.”


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