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Thursday, December 08, 2016
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Jakob's Promise

Jakob's Promise

(June 2010)
by Sandra Wilson Lund
Publisher: Oaktara
ISBN: 978-1602902268

Debra will never forget the day she graduated from high school -- and found out she was pregnant.

Hounded by her parents to abort the baby, Debra leaves home to carry the child to term. Jakob Highland, a trusted friend and Debra's pastor, agrees to foster the baby until a suitable home can be found. When Debra and the baby's father get married, they want their daughter back -- but Pastor Jake and their daughter have disappeared.

Twenty-five years later, Debra, still longing to be reunited with her long-lost daughter, uncovers a startling web of betrayal. Will all involved hold on to the lies they've told, or will the startling truth finally come to light?




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