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Tuesday, December 06, 2016
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Rachel (Ellie's People #3)

Rachel (Ellie's People #3)

(January 2015)
Mary Christner Borntrager
Publisher: Herald Press
ISBN: 978-0836135398
Rachel Miller's parents are Mennonite missionaries who left the Amish church before Rachel was born. Now Rachel wants to become Amish. She likes their quiet, unhurried way of life, and when she spends summers and goes to church with her Amish grandparents, Ellie and David Eash, she feels like she belongs. When she starts to attend Amish youth singings and begins to court a young Amish man, she realizes that she will have to choose. Should Rachel listen to her siblings and friends, who make fun of her and think she should drop her dream of becoming Amish once and for all? Or should she follow her desire to become Amish, which is starting to feel a lot like God's will?



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