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Tuesday, December 06, 2016
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Magical Narnia: What Comes Next?

Magical Narnia: What Comes Next?

(June 20, 2011)
C.J. Darlington
Now that Voyage of the Dawn Treader is on DVD, speculation abounds on which Narnia book will be adapted next. Walden Media’s Micheal Flaherty has all but officially announced The Magician’s Nephew as their pick. He recently told Christianity Today, “We just think the origin tale of The Magician’s Nephew is a great one, and it brings back the characters that have proven to be the most popular—a lot of Aslan and the White Witch.” Does this mean Tilda Swinton will reprise her role as the Ice Queen? The actress has seemed open to the idea in interviews, so we can hope.

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