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Sunday, December 04, 2016
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Kathleen Fuller

Kathleen Fuller

Kathleen is the best-selling author of over thirty books, including the Middlefield Family series. She lives with her husband and three children in Northeast Ohio.

Books by Kathleen Fuller

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(April 2016)
In just a few short months, Moriah Miller’s perfect life unravels. Newly wed and newly pregnant, Moriah is abandoned by her husband, Levi. He’s left her, his family, and their faith without a backward glance. The community, stunned, rushes to the young woman’s aid.
(March 2016)
An argument. A crash. In an instant, Joanna’s world is changed forever.
(September 2015)
She never wanted to marry. He hopes to make amends for past wrongs. Can love find a way to mend both of their hearts?
(March 2015)
Jeremiah thought leaving Middlefield was the hardest thing he’d ever do. That was nothing compared to returning home.
(May 2013)
Katherine Yoder has loved Johnny Mullet since they were children, but he never actively returned her affections. Like so many things in their world, he assumes Katherine will always be there
(August 2012)
Laura's Amish faith requires her to forgive, but she can only think of revenge.
(September 2011)
During a game of hide and seek, three kids stumble upon a mystery that caused a rift in their families decades earlier.
(August 2011)
Emma has put everyone else first in her life. Now at nearly 25, has she missed her chance at marriage?
(March 2011)
Together for the first time, three Amish romances from Kathleen Fuller: "A Miracle for Miriam," "A Place of His Own" and "What the Heart Sees"
(November 2010)
Rebekah Yoder loves a good mystery-that is, until she becomes a part of one.
(September 2010)
Ruth Byler has never failed at anything in her life, but Zach Bender is going to test the limits of her heart.
(May 2010)
In the Mysteries of Middlefield series, readers will be immersed into exciting mysteries and authentic Amish culture.
(March 2010)
Anna must find the courage to tell Lukas the truth. Will he find the courage to forgive her?
(September 2009)
Moriah's heart will only be safe with a man of his word.

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